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[UPDATE 30th of August 2016] New (and mandatory) tourist visa for US passport bearer. Cost is only 30$ for 1 year multiple entry 90 days visit.

From now on, all tourist visa applied by US national to Vietnam will be automatically converted into a 1 year visa with 90 days duration of each visit. A few personal notes here:

  1. Official stamping fee for 1 year is 135$ so even if you want a tourist visa for 2 weeks, you still have to pay 135$ for an undesired 1 year visa (with a stress on 90 day visit);
  2. If you want short duration and less costly plan, just apply for 1-3 month single/multiple entry Business Visa. Stamping fee is still 25$ for single entry and 50$ multiple entry. Sure business visa costs much cheaper in this case then 😉 <- invalid now as of 29th of August, 2016.
  3. Each visit is only 90 days then it will require a re-entry. So if you want to do a quick re-entry, then Moc Bai border (or Bavet in Cambodia) welcomes you. Don’t forget to prepare ~35$ for Cambodian visa fee.
  4. Sooner or later, extension of the 90 days within the country will be available but that is uncertain yet.
  5. People having obtained the tourist visa 1-3 months before today and already got the invitation letters showing the tourist visa 1-3 months then still get the 1-3 months tourist visa with their corresponding official stamping fee. Don’t worry.
  6. DN business visa cannot be 1-3 months also now. It is all converted into 1 year multiple entry with stamping fee of $135;
  7. Good news is that US passport holder is now paying for 12 month multiple entry business visa MUCH less and other nationality. Their cost for 1 year multiple entry DN business visa is roundly $220 only and 135$ official stamping fee.
  8. Tourist visa 1 year multiple entry (90 days stay) is 30$, stamping fee is 135$.
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