Tra Vinh province belongs to Mekong Delta in the South of Vietnam. It shares boders with Ben Tre and Vinh Long provinces. Tra Vinh gets not only benefits from nature but also from neighbor provinces. So many visiters chose Tra Vinh as a destination with others cities.

Tra Vinh’s climate is divided into 2 main seasons: dry season and rainy season. Rainy season lasts from May to November of a year and dry season last from December to April of the next year. You can travel to Tra Vinh whenever you would like but there are a lot of festivals from January to May of lunar calendar. That’s the best time to take part in exciting activities with local people.

How to get there

It’s far from Ho Chi Minh city around 145 km, lasts 4 hours to travel there. You can take easily a bus from Miên Tay bus station.

Places to stay

There is not much luxurious hotel or hostel in Tra Vinh, but the room is still clean, safe with a reasonable price. Beside, you can ask to get homestay from local people.

Best places to visit

From here, it has a diversity of culture from the ethnicities Chinese, Khmer, Kinh with many festivals, pagodas, churches and beautiful landscapes.

Hang Pagoda, its name appears in many sites and it’s one of the most beautiful pagodas in Tra Vinh. Its named after the form of gate like a hole into pagoda. This pagoda plays an important role in people’s life here.

The gate of pagoda looks like a hole


Inside of pagoda

Ba Om Pond is a famous place to visit and attractive to take photos, see the wonderful view and hear its history.

Ba Dong Beach is explored by the French colony. This beach is still wild, but beautiful for whom likes to see sunshine and sunset on the beach and enjoy many kinds of sea products.

Like Soc Trang Province, Ok Om Bok Festival in Tra Vinh is one of the three biggest festivals of Khmer people, Ok Om Bok has sacred meaning in spiritual life of these people, making a cultural characteristic of this ethnic community.

Chol chnam thmay festival is the New Year celebration of the Khmer. Their biggest festival of the year marks the end of the dry season and the beginning of a new year and new crops. The 3-day Chol Chnam Thmay festival takes place in the middle of April.  That’s an occasion for Khmers to pray for happiness of family with a lot of the interesting activities.

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