We had heard about a Mekong Delta tour 2 Days  and after being in Ho Chi Minh City for a while, with its incredible amount of traffic, busy yet very fun nightlife and fast pace. It was time to experience another side of Vietnamese life, more laid back. We decided to take a Mekong Delta 2 Days from Ho Chi Minh City. We took the nearly 4 hour bus journey to the city of Can Tho, seeing some great scenery along the way! Most noticeably the mass expanses of rice paddies and fishing networks, the area is certainly worthy of the title, ‘food bowl of Vietnam’.

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People selling their produce at the floating market

Arriving mid afternoon in Can Tho, we had to find some accommodation. We decided to stay at the IRIS hotel. It was a little more than our budget allowed, but we wanted to really enjoy our Mekong Delta 2 days. The hotel was great and was also in a fantastic location.

Exploring Can Tho was charming, people were extremely friendly and would always greet us with a smile and some small talk. Vietnamese food has surprised us with how great it is so far on our journey and a must do in Can Tho is trying, Banh Xeo! (savoury pancake) You can usually get it throughout south Vietnam, but the Banh Xeo in Can Tho was a real treat and when the giant portion of Banh Xeo arrived at our table, we were blown away! We would recommend you visit, Bánh Xèo Ngọc Ngân (address: 74 Lê Lợi).

What is the point of Mekong Delta tour 2 Days

The most famous attraction of Can Tho, and the Mekong Delta as a whole, are the floating markets. So the next morning we made our way to the river. If you book a trip to see the floating markets, make sure you don’t have late night the day before. Our trip to Cai Rang floating market began at 5am! So we had to be outside our hotel at 4:30am. As we travelled on our boat to Cai Rang market, a boat pulled up next to us to sell us coffee! It was such a quaint little experience, something I just didn’t expect (but was immensely grateful for). As the sun began to rise across the Delta, silhouettes of boats became visible. Boats containing all sorts of produce from bananas to dragon fruit. Coconuts to ginger. It was pretty incredible to see people, lots of families with kids included, trading and selling their wares and produce. We hopped onto one particular family boat selling pineapples and the children of the family were keen to chat with us, which was a nice experience.


Coffee - Review for our Mekong Delta tour 2 days - tour 2 days, mekong delta
Mekong Delta style coffee was a great surprise!

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At around 9:30am the markets started to disappear and we headed back to Can Tho. We had time to wander the streets and explore the somewhat famous pagodas in the city. 3 especially because of their distinct bright Khmer design of yellow and orange, a throwback to the time the region was under Khmer control.

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