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Traditional hotels are so familiar with many guests. However, new trend of most of backpackers is discovering unique accommodations at present. These are unique and weird hostels in Vietnam that you’ll be surprised and interested. Staying at those hostels, you can not only save your budget, but also have an amazing experience during your trip.

1.Hongkong Kaiteki (2. Bui Vien St., Saigon)

Located on Bui Vien street, this is a hostel whose rooms are built as capsules. This type of hotel is very popular in Japan and other countries. Although the Hongkong Kaiteki is quite small, it is a favourite one for young people, especially backpackers because of its modern facilities and save the budget. Included 60 rooms, 6 floors, it can contain up to 100 guests. In addition, you can keep your luggage in lockers.

The price of each capsule is from 6 USD/ night (VND 130.000) to 7 USD/night (VND 150.000)

Hongkong Kaiteki
Hongkong Kaiteki

Hongkong Kaiteki1

Hongkong Kaiteki2

2.Coco Beachcamp, Lagi (Le Minh Cong St., Binh Thuan province)

It is quite far from the city centre, takes nearly half-day to get there. However, when arriving, your tiredness will disappear. Unlike another hotels or resorts, You would be impressed by colourful tents along the beach of the Coco Beachcamp. Only a large beach, a small accommodation, a bar designed as Hawaii’style, this is an interesting “hotel” of some guests. In addition, there are many activities on beach, such as diving, going fishing, Yoga, skiing, etc. Therefore, this camp is suitable for young people, for shooting, for camping, for team building, not for leisuring or family.

It costs VND 150-200.000/tent, but you can brings food by yourselves and not be charged.

Coco Beachcamp



3.The Circle Vietnam (233. Đặng Thái Thân St., Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng)

Being operation in recent years, the Circle Vietnam becomes a trend of backpackers, for those who love unique and strange features. Its rooms are designed as circle shapes.

It is weird, but has a reasonable price. This hostel is an ideal place for your staying to escape the bustle of traditional hostels. Beside of having an experience to travel, this is a chance to gather guests and have a camping together.

It just costs VND 200. 000/person/night; 250-330.000/night/room for 2-3 persons.

The Circle Vietnam1
A romantic scene at the hostel at night
It’s very excited to see colourful hostel with unique shape
The Circle Vietnam
Inside of the circle shapes can be contained up to 3 guests


4.Asia Home Nha Trang (25. Le Loi St., Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province)

Designed as bees’ nest, it is the first type of hostel in Nha Trang. Like capsules in Hongkong Kaiteki in Saigon, it provides modern facilities and services.

The price of a “bee’s nest” is 8 USD ~ 170.000 VND/night.

Asia Home



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