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Located over Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Lao Cai province, Fansipan Mountain is regarded as the highest peak in Vietnam and the roof of Indochina. Your Sapa trekking travel would not be completed without conquering Fansipan, wouldn’t it? Especially, it can be sure that the mountain would be one of must-travel destinations in the wish list of truly adventurous travelers.

Sapa trekking travel - conquering Fansipan
It can be sure that Fansipan would be one of must-travel destinations in the wish list of truly adventurous travelers.

Nowadays, to reach the top of the mountain, you can climb up or use the cable car. This article will give you best tips for your conquering through the trek.

Before the trip to Fansipan Mountain

With panoramic views from the top of the mountain, you’ll get some fun and feel more rewarding when you do it yourself. Conquering Fansipan doesn’t require any technical skill, but you should prepare well before facing difficult routes in your Sapa trekking travel.

Sapa trekking travel - conquering Fansipan Mountain with a guide
It would be better for your Sapa trekking travel with a guide or in group of friends

There are three route options for you to conquer Fansipan depending on your skill level, your health and your time.

  • At the easiest level: you can start at Trạm Tôn, it takes about 10 hours for reaching the peak and you can do it within one day.
  • Medium level: at the height of 1260 meters from San Sả Hồ to Bản Sín Chải (Sin Chai village). It will take about 12 hours to reach the top. This climb will give you chances to pass over the obstacles, but still less challenging.
  • Difficult level: left Cat Cat village, this route is the most difficult option to climb up at the height of 1245 meters. This way wouldn’t be recommended if you are not truly mountaineers. It takes 18 hours total to the summit, challenges you the most, but you will get the most impressive views and have some fun through what you have done.

Further useful information about what you should prepare and bring along, the best way and time to trekking, etc. in Sapa, read more Sapa Travel in the previous article.

We highly recommend that you go with a guide when choosing a tour, besides of traveling with your friends.

During your Sapa trekking travel

Sapa trekking travel - climb up to the mountain
Fansipan has three route options for you to conquer Fansipan depending on your skill level, your health and your time.
  • Avoid grassy areas or reaching under rocks where is home to snakes and scorpions.
  • GPS devices are extremely necessary to get a signal for most of the hike, especially in the worst situations.
  • Never go separately, but don’t go in a big group. An ideal group usually goes for 10 – 15 persons. If it’s too crowded, you will have to loose much of time to get prepared.
  • If you get lost, calm down and find an area that is flat and high up to make a signal fire. Besides, follow along streams to reach water resources where you can find other people’s help.
Lyngve above Ship's Prow and aiming for one of the two notches in front of him.
Get some useful information before making the trip by yourself

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Are you willing to long journey as a way to challenge yourself when conquering Fansipan in your Sapa trekking travel? When you try once, you will realize that no place in Vietnam is as perfect and wonderful as the Roof of Indochina. Contact me at (84-8)- 38 388 382 if you have any question about Vietnam Travel.

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