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Saigon is home to diversities of culture and food under the influence of many countries in the world. This is also a reason that has made Vietnamese food famed around the world and brings visitors flocking to many fabulous restaurants in Saigon.

While street food and fast food stalls are more and more popular to a part of Vietnamese people, most of foreign tourists love to find out Vietnamese traditional food. That is a combination of expertly prepared dishes with a pleasant ambiance, stunning views and diligent service. This article would give you recommendations of traditional restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city.

1.Highly Recommended Restaurants for Noodles Soup or Phở

Regarded as symbol of Vietnamese cuisine, Noodles Soup or Pho is the first choice of food as travelling to Vietnam. These are the best places for you to enjoy this traditional food.

  • Phở Pasteur – 260 Pasteur St., D.3
  • Phở Hùng – 243 Nguyễn Trãi St., D.1, HCMC

2.Restaurants For Traditional  Food

Hum Vegetarian, Lounge & Restaurant – 32 Vo Van Tan St., Ward 6, District 3

This is a highly recommendation for vegetarian food. In spite of being a small restaurant, it is equally elegant with the same extensive menu. The ambience is simply amazing putting you at ease with ample landscaping and water features. Having dinner outdoor is simply a very pleasant experience.

Quán ăn Ngon – 138 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa St., D.1

Easily be confused with Ngon Restaurant – 160, Pasteur St., D.1, but this is definitely a go to place if you are looking for good local food. Great service, menu very easy to read, this is a must go for your first night. Just a little tip the foil sealed hand towels are charged as an extra, only a small cost but they will charge for them if you use them. They provide various kinds of local food, you can see the local cooking process. The waiters are get used to serve to tourist, so there is not any problems in communication.

Cục Gạch Restaurant or Cuc Gach Quan – 10 Đặng Tất St., D.1

Decorated with unique architecture of Vietnamese old houses, Cuc Gach Quan is well-known for the most favourite dining restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Staffs are also well spoken in English and fast service. Visitors would be impressed by many small detailed touches to the restaurant that just made it so homely.

Five Oysters – 234 Bui Vien St., D.1

Fairly appreciated, the Five Oysters is an interesting restaurant and clearly popular to backpackers area in Ho Chi Minh city. It is a nice place to try local food with good menu options and reasonable prices.

Nha Hang Ngon (Ngon Restaurant) – 160, Pasteur St., D.1

This restaurant provides Vietnam popular local cuisine. It’s quite crowded with local people and foreign tourists, especially during weekends. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy a dinner in the restaurant, it’s better to book before visiting.

Quán Bụi (Bụi Restaurant) – 17A Ngô Văn Năm, P. Bến Nghé, Q.1

This is a good vietnamese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city with authentic food. Although Quan Bui is surrounded by average restaurants, bars, it has maintained its high standards by offering very well presented and delicious food, plus having a wine list with a variety of wines from different countries.

(Source: TripAdvisor)

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