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There are some dishes considered as symbol of each country, entwined in the national identity. If Japan is well-known as their freshly sliced sushi; Korea with “kimchi”; a baked pizza in Italy, etc., in Vietnam, the dish that tourists must try once is their most popular noodle dish called Pho.

Pho is eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pho appears anywhere from the high tables to street food stalls. The chewy, white rice noodles and clear broth are garnished with chopped scallions, green herbs, and additional condiments such as segments of lime, chilli and garlic. In spite of its with the same ingredients, Pho in different regions has its specialities, different flavours (the southeners alway use sugar and organic in cooking recipe).

In Saigon, we highly recommend best places to taste Pho:

1. Pho Hung (241-243 Nguyen Trai Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

This is a popular Saigon pho franchise that specialises in beef noodle soup, also known locally as pho. According to tourists, it is a bit more expensive than in some other places but it is worth it.



pho hung


2.Pho Phuong (Phở Phượng – 25 Hoàng Sa Street, District 1)

With over a generation of experience there’s a calm confidence about Phở Phượng. From the outside there’s nothing to distinguish it from similar eateries all over Saigon, but when the rich, meaty aroma first hits you from the bubbling cauldron of broth, you just know you’re in for something special. it’s the fragrance that dominates the broth from the first moment you smell it, and it’s the taste that lingers in your mouth long after the meal is over.




3.Pho Hòa (260C Pasteur Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

A restaurant with a long legacy, Pho Hoa consistently ranks as one of the best places to sample Vietnam’s most popular noodle soup. The broth recipe here is a family secret which helps create a little mystique around the flavours.

pho hoa



4.Pho Le (413-414 Nguyen Trai Street P.7, D.5, Ho Chi Minh City)

The food came with a big bowl of veggies, and the meatballs were savory. You would like to drink the entire bowl of broth after eating the food because it was so good. In addition, the kumquat juice was very fresh. Pretty local place, lots of locals around – which is a good testimony to the standard of the food.

pho le



5.Pho 2000 (1-3D Phan Chu Trinh, District 1)

Despite sounding like an android from outer space, Pho 2000 will forever be remembered as the place where President Bill Clinton tried his first bowl of pho in Vietnam during his state visit in the year 2000. Close to Ben Thanh Market, it makes sense to use this famed pho restaurant as a place to take a break from shopping and cool off.




Try one and tell us where is your favorite restaurant?
Enjoy your meals!!!
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