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Saigon is a historical place with various attractions which illustrate it’s past. You might think it’s a bit somber, but there are really interesting places to visit relating to wars and battles in Vietnam. You can gape at colonial French architecture and captured American fighter planes. A walk around Saigon is like a scavenger hunt of unique sites and treasures scattered around the city. Follow our list of the Top 10 best thing to do in Saigon and you’ll be sure to see all of the captivating things this massive city has to offer.

1) Binh Tay Market dates back to the late 1800s and is located in the middle of Chinatown. Unlike the better known  Ben Thanh Market in District 1, this market is more local and has a wide variety of fresh fruits and meats, at local prices. Shop here every day of the week from 8am-5pm.

2)The War Remnants Museum will take you back to a sadder time during the war with the USA. Well preserved tanks and fighter planes dot the grounds and baffling information and facts about the war can be found inside. Priceless photographs and writings tell the story of the war in a way that no other exhibit can match. Visit daily from 7:30am-12pm and 1:30pm-5pm.

3)The Cu Chi Tunnels are a favorite attraction where visitors can experience first hand, what it was like to maneuver the narrow tunnels of the Viet Cong. These northern guerilla fighters used the tunnels  to keep the south at bay during the war. And not to worry, because the tunnels have been widened and reinforced to allow easier movement through the complex. Open daily from 7am-5pm

4) For Temple Lovers, The Jade Emperor Pagoda is a must. Constructed at the turn of the 20th Century by Chinese migrants, this Taoist building is a mecca for believers. When you enter, you will immediately smell the incense burning and feel the relaxed atmosphere. Gaze at the intricate carvings and statues which line the temple and feel the peace from within. Open Daily 8am-5pm

5)The Cao Dai Temple is the centerpiece of the Cao Dai religion, which stems from many other religions including Buddhism, Christianity, and Confucianism. You can visit to learn more about this little known religion. Witness the Cao Dai believers in their white robes, dawning a second sash to signify their old religion. The temple is ornately decorated with flying dragons and murals. Open Daily 6am-5pm

6) Bitexco Tower is in the heart of Saigon’s financial district and is considered by many to be the symbol of the city. The sky deck offers a full panoramic view of the city and an excellent bar and restaurant. Dine in the evening and enjoy the most spectacular view in town. Open Daily 9:30am-9:30pm

7)The Reunification Palace is a must see for anyone interested in history. It was the stronghold of the southern resistant forces during the American War. A nominal fee will grant you entry to enjoy the Palace, where you can see an underground bunker of hidden passageways and grand meeting rooms used by the old administration. Open Daily 8am-11am and 1pm-5pm

8) The Old Post office is beautifully decorated in French colonial style of the late 1800s. It’s still the cities main post office and is a bustling center for package and letter distribution. We recommend you purchase a postcard and send it home as this is a piece of living history. Open Daily 7am-7pm

9)  The Mariamman Hindu Temple is the only Hindu temple in the city and is the center of the small Hindu community here. It’s located just west of Bitexco Tower. Stop in for a visit, and don’t forget to remove your shoes before entering. Open Daily 7am-7pm

10) The Notre dame Cathedral sits beside the Old Post Office and was built around the same time as its neighbor. A statue of the Virgin Mary guards the front entrance of this  Catholic Mecca, where it is claimed she shed a tear in 2005. Troves of believers visit here in hopes of witnessing a miracle and being blessed. Open Daily 8am-5pm


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