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Day 1 – Phan Thiet Arrival

About 200 km north of Saigon, Phan Thiet together with its fishing villages has become a popular leisure destination. Resort-style developments are everywhere along the coastline while recreational sports on and under the water such as paragliding, sailing, surfing, jet-skiing, snorkeling or scuba-diving are available daily.

After arrival, spend the rest of your day relaxing in your hotel or take a walk along the beach.

Day 2 – Half Day Sand Dunes, White Lake and Fairy Stream

Approximately 25 km away from the centre of Mui Ne is the white sand dunes, along with red sand dunes, a worthy place to visit in Mui Ne. However, it it viewed that the white dunes are more impressive and look like a desert with one side the sea. You’ll need either a jeep or a bike to explore the dunes properly, but we recommend that you rent a bike.

The White Lake or Lotus Pool is surrounded by natural freshwater, pristine white sand-dunes and low forests. En route, you’ll have a chance to take a deep look at the fishermen’s life. Later on the way back, let’s visit the Fairy Stream, a little river alongside bamboo forests, which partly resembles a thumbnail of the Grand Canyon. Then, have fun and take some photos as you walk to the red sand dunes before returning to your hotel.

Day 3 – Phan Thiet Food Tour

Let’s spend some time exploring Phan Thiet’s signature cuisines. Spade fish salad (Gỏi cá mai) and Deep fried loi fish in pork grease (Cá lồi xối mỡ) are first to be recommended. You can enjoy those specialities at Viet Nam Home, 125 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne.

Besides, Vietnamese Pancake (Bánh Xèo) is also one of Phan Thiet’s particularly and Vietnam’ generally best dishes. You can ask your tour guide for a drive to Tuyen Quang street to enjoy this dish. All the restaurants there are qualified but we suggest Cay Xoai and Cay Phuong restaurants.

Bánh căn’ made from shrimp, meat, and green bean, is another food worth trying. The miniature fried cake is put only shrimp on the surface cake. Recommended restaurants are Ba Xu House on Ngu Ong Street and Number 8 Hai Thuong Street.

Day 4 – Phan Thiet Departure

Get ready to check out if you leave in the morning.

If you leave in the afternoon, it’s a perfect chance for you to spend the remainder of the day relaxing by the hotel’s pool or immerse yourself in Mui Ne’s blue water and beautiful sunlight.

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