Nha Trang: Discovering An Underwater Path On Diep Son Island2 min read


diep son island

In recent years, Diep Son Island is very famous for local backpackers by its breathtaking path. It’s a great place for tourists those who would like to escape the humidity from the city, go along beaches and join to the outdoor activities.

Located in Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa province, Diep Son island consists of 3 small islets. From December to June of nest month, it is a great time for tourists to have a view of the stunning and romantic island. 60km from Nha Trang, you can get there by boats at Van Gia port to Diep Son. It will take 30 to 40 minutes.

Because the island is still rustic, electricity is only available from 6:00pm to 9:00pm thanks to a dynamo, it is never attracted much attention from tourists. Hence, its tourism is not developped yet, you can ask the locals to have a homestay or have a camping with your friends.

Many tourists who come to Diep Son, marvel at its beautiful winding path which is half submerged in the crystal waters, and dries completely when water subsides. This trail is a curved path, about 1 meter width, 700 meter length and under deeply the surface sea less than half a meter.



Walking on the path, you would feel so excited mixing with suspense and a little bit of frightened when putting your foot on the mighty ocean. You can also delight in watching the little fishes swimming around the sides and sometimes jumping out of the water like as welcoming the ship moving on it. Stopping and standing among an immense ocean, what a great experience!


After 30 minutes of walking, you will reach a green area fulled by plants the dark red of tiles rooftops and the blue jade of the sea. You will be admired on the beauty of the pristine beaches with the white sand, blue sea and the wonderful reed meadow. Under the clear water and a peaceful scene, you can enjoy cool wind and swimming.

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