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River rounded landscape is a unique point that makes Vietnam one of the most worth-arriving place in the world. And the most fantastic river rounded view point in Vietnam is Mekong Delta. With these suggestions and reviews about places, services,… about Mekong Delta, we promise you to have the best on-river experience of all South East Asia by our trip to Vinh Long.

Vinh Long – Mekong Tour by day reviews – Cai Be floating market

Cai Be floating market is the place to be at Vinh Long. This market greets you by the warm-hearted atmosphere of the friendly people. Especially, the sweat, rustic, sincere voice of the South West Vietnamese people has glamored a lot of people.

If interested, you can choose among a lot of items on the market: fruit, food, decorations, flowers,… Immerse yourself to busy activities from the floating market is a good way to start a new day, refresh yourself and feel more energetic.

Moreover, this is a perfect chance to experience a very unique service of Vietnam and South East Asia – floating market. All the finest goods will be showed off to bring you a festival-like experience.

Vinh Long – Mekong Tour by day reviews – Vietnamese traditional music/ Đờn ca tài tử

Recognized by UNESCO in 2013 as the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” – “Đờn ca tài tử” reflect the deeply artistic soul and life of the South West Vietnamese people. Each song tells a unique story of the region which deliver a humane message, a devoted confide of the people to each other.

Plus, the voice of the “Đờn ca tài tử” artist is a solely sweat voice. It is tender but passionately and grawing. There are many restaurants that serve “Đàn ca tài tử” during their meals. Enjoying the special dishes from the local while listening to “Đàn ca tài tử”, viewing the riverside landscape is an amazing experience that any visitors to this place must try.

Not only you will feel one of the finest type of art in the world, but the peaceful atmosphere there shall bring joy to your soul.

Vinh Long – Mekong Tour by day reviews – An Binh Isle

It is fun in the afternoon to have some bike trips, then An Bình Isle should be your next destination. With many kinds of fruits, trees, bonsai,… on the roadside, you can both enjoy the beautiful view while taking a ride. Also you can eat the delicious fruits from there.

What an amazing experience right?

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