Mekong Delta Tour Review – where to go in An Giang2 min read


An Giang is a fresh experience for Mekong Delta Tour. So many things we make sure you will want to try and see.

Mekong Delta Tour Review – Mount Sam in An Giang

sam mountMountains are not usually sites in favor for Mekong Delta Tour. But the case of Mount Sam is exceptional. Fascinated by its overview to the city of Chau Doc and Vinh Te canal, people can see the lovely field sight and the beautiful river view.

Traveling along the mountain and contemplating the magnificent view is an unforgettable experience. Also, on the way along it, you can stop by to visit some places like Tao Ngo Garden, Dr.Mo Villa,…

Moreover, the Victoria Nui Sam Lodge is an ideal place to stay. With elegant and luxurious architectural style, aperfect view to the peaceful paddy field and full of facilities, visitors assured for a 5-star holiday.

Mekong Delta Tour Review – Chau Doc Market in An Giang

sam mount 1

Our next suggested stop is Chau Doc Market. It is famous for special items just only in An Giang you can find.

First of all, let’s talk about fish sauce –  a famous and unique sauce of the Vietnamese. There’s even a special area in this market for this item. An Giang is named as the kingdom of fish sauce, not just because the perfect taste, the variety of sauce is also prominent. Sauce can be made from bunches of types of fishes, or even séarmid.

Secondly we’ll have to mention dried food. Fishes, squirts, shrimps,… any kind of dried. Especially you should try the dried fishes – very famous in An Giang.

And a lot more items of food, fruit, decorations,… you will be interested.

Mekong Delta Tour Review – Binh Thiên in An Giang

A famous lake in An Giang for its enormous clarity. Anyone comes to An Giang arrives at this lake to seek fantastic picture. If you’re tired after a long day, Bung Binh Thien is a wonderful ending for its peaceful beauty.

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