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Belongs to one of the upper reaches of Mekong Delta, An Giang occupies an important position in this area, beside of Hau Giang, Tien Giang, Can Tho, etc. In Vietnamese people’s mind, travelling to hometown in general and to An Giang in particular, would be as coming back to the childhood. If you have chances to visit An Giang, don’t miss these greatest sites for your photos.

1.Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

Considered as one of the most luxurious hotels in An Giang Province, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge  located in the centre of Chau Doc city, surrounded by canals and gorgeous nature.

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge  was built simply, modernly and close to nature. It is designed in a luxurious contemporary architectural style featuring modern amenities. From the pool of hotel, it overlooks wide spaces and even paddy fields. This is one of the greatest sites for your photos in An Giang.

It provides tourists a great view from a pool
It provides tourists a great view from the pool of hotel
or even from the entrance of hotel

2.Ta Pa Lake in Chau Doc city

Far away from Tri Ton District about 1 km, Ta Pa is located within Ta Pa Hill, lures tourists due to its magnificent and romantique landscapes.

The highlight of Ta Pa is a crystal lake which is surrounded by weird-shaped rocks. It is referred as a gift of nature, provides great attractions.

Ta Pa Lake

3.Búng Bình Thiên or God Lake

30 km from Chau Doc city, Bung Binh Thien or God Lake is in the border of Cambodia. The greatest time to get there is from September to November, in blossom of “điên điển” flower. It is the time for your beautiful photos.

Bung Binh Thien

It looks like a picture of nature
It looks like a picture of nature

4.Chau Doc Floating Village

Effected by its neighbor, An Giang has a culture and specialities which are similar to Cambodia. A visit to Chau Doc floating village is truly a fascinating excursion, provides tourists a simple life of the Khmer people, one of the oldest ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Chau Doc floating village

Being one of highlights in Mekong Delta, the floating village is a group of houses with roofs and walls made from aluminium. Tourists have the ability to catch the image of boats load with fruit in the early morning.

Chau Doc fv

5.Cấm Mountain

Endowed with spectacular mountainous terrain, Cam Mountain is considered as a Dalat in the Mekong Delta due to its cool climate, original natural imposing spots associated with interesting legends. There are many famous landscapes on the peak of the mountain, providing whole view from underground.

On Cam Mountain

6.Trà Sư Melaleuca Forest

This is an eco-tourism area which is home to a variety of wild nature. Coming to Tra Su Melaleuca forest, visitors have a chance to enjoy the panoramic view and visit the wildlife sanctuary from climbing the watch tower; to explore and visit the paradise of birds and wild animals by boats. It is truly one of greatest sites for your photos in An Giang.


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