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Endowed with the immense of green paddy fields, rivers and rich nature, Mekong Delta is one of interesting destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. What is more, when you have chances to arrive provinces of Mekong Delta, you would be got lost among famous flower villages.

1.Phước Định Flower Village, Vinh Long Province

Vinh Long Province is famous for Cai Be floating market for a long time. That is not enough if we do not mention to Phước Định flower village. This is a centre of flowers for decoration in spring. By highly technology and experience of the craftsman, many types of flowers has high qualities, creates specialities of Phuoc Dinh village.

Phuoc dinh

2.Cai Mon Flower Village, Ben Tre Province

Ben Tre is well-known not only for coconut products, tropical fruits but also for Cai Mon flower village. Once you have chances to visit there, especially in spring, you will be impressed by colourful and lively flowers.

Cai Mon is famous not only for tropical fruits, but also colourful flowers
Cai Mon is famous not only for tropical fruits, but also colourful flowers

3.Tân Quy Đông Flower Village, Dong Thap Province

Located in Sa Dec town, Tan Quy Dong flower village is considered as the largest and the most stunning one in Mekong Delta. Thousands of flowers are in blossom, create beautiful and impressing view. Beside of visiting the village to know how to plant for your own garden, you can also take great photos.




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