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Thanh Hoa province is overlooked by most visitors in favour of neighbouring Ninh Binh province due to similarity of beautiful landscapes. Being a lovely town of Thanh Hoa, Mai Chau is one of the must-visit destinations of many tourists during the trip in the Northwest Vietnam in recent years.

travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau - Riding-Bikes-to-Mai-Chau
It would be completely free for you to adventure and travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau by motorbike.

Is it possible to travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau by motorbike? It is frequently asked question of many tourists to adventure mountain paths in Vietnam. As I mentioned in previous article – how to get Mai Chau from Hanoi by local bus, this post today would give you some useful directions to get there by motorbike.


The distance from Mai Chau to Hanoi is approximately 140 km and 60 km to Hoa Binh province. Although most of the roads are smooth and quite good for motorbike rides, it’s very difficult for first-time visitors because of its steep and narrow roads. It takes 4-5 hours to get there depending on your speed. It’s completely doable for those who love to adventure mountain paths in the northwest Vietnam. A motorbike would make your trip to further places and enjoy the beautiful scenes that jeep cannot.

Itinerary to travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau by motorbike

travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau by motorbike
It will give you unforgettable experiences on a motorbike

Take the Thang Long Highway out of Hanoi (28km), turn left at the end of the highway for the crossroads at Xuan Mai (12km). Do not take the Highway No.6 out of Hanoi to Xuan Mai – it may look more directly, but it may be dangerous and busy road. At a junction about 10 km after Xuan Mai, you can head straight for Ho Chi Minh Road, or turn right for Hoa Binh on Highway 6. The route on Highway 6 to Hoa Binh town (36 km) will give you chances to admire scenic countryside, take a little time to get to the dam and take some photos. That would be interesting and unforgettable experiences  for your independent traveling.

After reaching and taking a rest in Hoa Binh, continue on Highway 6. The road goes over some mountain passes until there’s a left turn for Road 15 at the bottom of the last pass (60km). The left turn is clearly marked for Mai Châu. Take this road for a few kilometres until Mai Châu village.

What to pay attention

  • Have a good motorbike before your trip and arrange necessary things for risks on the way to reach Mai Chau. On a 110cc motorbike, it might be a bit challenging on the steep parts.
  • Signs of transport, especially forbidden roads are should be paid attention at most.
  • In spring, it is a good time to get there by motorbike and admire beautiful scenes of nature along the way.
  • An early departure (latest 8 AM) will give you to have plenty of time to relax, in case of a break down and other issues.

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It can say that the ride is easier actually as long as you do it with your friends and even a guide as possible. Those directions would be useful for your trip to travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau by motorbike. Let’s try and enjoy yourself!

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