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In Mai Chau travel guide, this is an idyllic valley to far away the bustle

Far away 140 km from Hanoi’s bustle, Mai Chau is an idyllic valley hemmed in by hills and fresh green fields. In Mai Chau travel guide, you will be highly recommended the best time to get there and even more.

In Mai Chau travel guide, this is an idyllic valley to far away the bustle
In Mai Chau travel guide, this is an idyllic valley to far away the bustle

Mai Chau is well-known as a cultural ecological tourist attraction of Hoa Binh province. Coming to Mai Chau will provide tourists the peaceful and familiar feelings as visiting villages of minority people, admiring breathtaking landscapes, enjoying agreeable climate and exploring local culture, etc. This is an ideal destination for young people who love to adventure, to go camping or team building,….

Belonging to the area of tropical monsoon climate in Hoa Binh province. Mai Chau weather is not too hot in summer neither cold in winter. Therefore, travellers can get there at any time during a year.

The best time to have a perfect excursion in Mai Chau travel guide

It seems to be similar to Sapa climate because of Mai Chau’s location in lowland area in the northwest of Vietnam. Mai Chau is extremely great during the period when it is covered with yellow terraced fields, blooming season of flowers or colorful festivals of local people. That would be exciting and beautiful time when you have an excursion to Mai Chau. According to recommendations of many tourists in Sapa travel guide, the best time to visit to Mai Chau is in winter (from October to December) and in spring (during the first months of lunar year, before and after Tet holiday).

Thung Khe Pass in winter is covered by foggy scenery
Thung Khe Pass in winter is covered by foggy scenery

During those winter days, Mai Chau attracts tourists most, both domestic and foreign ones due to its quite chilly climate. That is also the reason for those who come from other regions should bring warm overcoat along to avoid its unagreeable temperature.

Between January and February, Mai Chau is in the transition period from winter to spring. Tourists can admire stunning and breathtaking views of peach and plum blossom and parrot-green fields. In addition, during months of March to May and September, October, it is considered as the most comfortable periods in Mai Chau, but it can be also in rainy days.

Mai Chau is hemmed in by parrot-green terraced fields
Mai Chau villages is hemmed in by parrot-green terraced fields

Specially, in summer, Mai Chau is covered by a lush green color of jungles, paddy fields and corn fields. That would not be an exaggeration to describe the great beauty in Mai Chau at that time.

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Far Away The Hustle, Finding An Idyllic Valley In Mai Chau

Endowed with agreeable climate, peaceful atmosphere and stunning scenes, Mai Chau is really an interesting stopover for those who love to enjoy to go trekking beside of visiting Sapa. Differ from Sapa, there are also lots of beautiful tourist attractions that should be miss in Mai Chau.

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