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Located in Hoa Binh province, Mai Chau used to be a hot destination in the northwest Vietnam. In recent years, a lot of tourists travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau to explore the ethnic minority culture, admire breathtaking landscapes and also escape from the Hanoi’s bustle.

travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau-2D1N
With a limited time in 2 days 1 night, I have had chances to travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau, to escape Hanoi’s bustle

In previous articles, I mentioned about transportation and Mai Chau weather.  This post today will give you my unforgettable experiences within 2 days 1 night in Mai Chau valley.

Day 1: Travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau – A worth journey

Start at 6 AM, I took a public bus from Thanh Xuan station which is about 30 minutes taxi from Hanoi center. I spent 4 hours drive to Mai Chau (150 km). I took the arduous, but spectacular loop to get there. Not too crowded as being in Sapa, Mai Chau owns its serenity and beauty. It was a perfect destination for those who love to escape from Hanoi’s bustle and traffic.

travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau - strolling around by bicycle
Strolling around the villages, through the rice paddy fields was wonderful experiences in my journey to Mai Chau valley

After reaching Hoa Binh Town, the road weaves through mountains, lush valleys which are considered as wonderful spots of Mai Chau Valley. Go around and meet villagers, I decided to stay in a traditional house. It is run by very hospital local White Thai family. Although it was quite rustic and basic, I was told that it had been a huge part to have appeal to this place.

After tasting lunch with the guesthouse, I set off on a bicycle to stroll around the villages, through the rice paddy fields. As I have known before, Mai Chau valley is surrounded by spectacular karst rock formation. Made an acquaintance with a local people – Minh who can speak quite good in English. Followed him, I spent the afternoon exploring the idyllic natural surroundings and Mo Luong Cave.

Back to my homestay before the evening, I luckily have had an occasion to enjoy a traditional Thai performance of music and dance. Staying a night in the stilt house, I have experienced lifestyle, learned more customs and culture of the Thai people.

Day 2: Can’t leave – Fall in love with spectacular views

travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau - join to activities
Fortunately, I have had chances to take part in many cultural activities of ethnic people

Start the second day in early morning, I went trekking 4 hours into the Lac village and purchased some lovely souvenirs sold on streets. For centuries, Mai Chau has modernized and developed, but much of the lifestyle and traditional values of ethnic people have remained and unchanged over the years. It seemed that I have fall in love with ordinary and simple scenes of Mai Chau valley. The views are superb over the valley. After lunch, I have to say goodbye to local people, Minh and back to Hanoi.

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That’s the end of my travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau valley. In spite of being experienced with a limited time, but it’s worth it. If time permits, you can choose the itinerary in the northern highlands’ loop between Hanoi, Sapa, Mai Chau, Moc Chau. It would give you a panoramic view on stunning mountain paths in the North Vietnam.

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