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Hoi An is not only well-known by its ancient beauty, but also by unique cuisine for decades. If you are real foodies and not only want to eat the food but also discover an insight about the history, culture, the life of Hoi An as well as more knowledge about the food, don’t miss to visit here and enjoy traditional foods.

We highly recommend some kinds of food and even places to eat that you tried once and will back later.

Com Ga (Chicken rice)


A delicious dish of chicken which has to make from chickens raised in the countryside gardens, not the industrial factory-style birds.

The towns of Hoi An is the best places to try the dish. The trick of the recipe is to skilfully make the chicken pieces smell fragant and spicy without loosening the flavor of meat.

Where to try?

  • Com ga Ba Buoi (Mrs. Buoi) – 22 Phan Chau Trinh


This place only serves Hoi An chicken rice – the best place of many locals and visitors – was opened in 1950s.





  • Com ga Ms. Ty (27 Phan Chau Trinh)
  • Com ga Ms. Thuan (17/4 Nhị Trưng)


Mi Quang (Quang noodle)


This is the popular dish in Hoian and Quang Nam Province.  The noodle is white or yellow in color and made from rice flour. It is served with shrimp, pork, vegetables and topped with grilled rice paper, covered with soup. Similar to other kinds of rice noodle of Vietnam, Mi Quang is a choice that you would not like to taste Pho, Hu tieu, etc.

You can try “Cao Lau” anywhere in Hoi An, from the streets to restaurants on Tran Phu street


Cao Lau

cao lau

Cao Lau is a famous traditional food in Hoi An and Quang Nam province. It is considered as a special symbol representing Hoi An. Unlike tasting of any other Vietnamese noodles, but nobody can really recognize it as being comparable to Chinese or Janpanese cuisine.

However, cao lau served in restaurants will have different taste with the local ones since the cheft will change the taste to suitable with western taste. If you want to try real local cao lau, come and eat street food.

Where to eat?

  • River Lounge – 35 Nguyen Phuc Chu – across the river on An Hoi


Banh dap (Fresh Rice Paper)




“Banh dap” or fresh rice paper is known in Cam Nam village. This place is also famous with “Che bap” (corn sweet soup/pudding); Hen tron (minced clams) in a good price. “Banh dap” is served with soup, grilledor boiled pork, especially with kind of fish sauce of the locals.

Where to try?

  • Quán Ăn Bà Già (Cam Nam village, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province)


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