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Beside of the charming of the Hoi An ancient town, there are also attractive beaches. Although the water is not as blue as Nha Trang, the sand is not as soft as Phu Quoc, Hoi An’s beach is calm, quiet and alluring in its own way. Hoi An’s resorts and hotels are also gentle like its people: you will get to experience a whole new style of beach holiday by staying here. If you have time, make sure that you should take a day trip to Cham island, or visit An Bang or Cua Dai Beach.

Cham Island





Locally known as Cu Lao Cham, it is about 18 km from Hoi An. Cham Island is home to the hundreds of coral species, many types of fish and seafood. Due to its rich biodiversity, the island is recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO. This is a great destination for you to join snorkeling, diving and activities on beach. The best time to travel to Cham Island is from June till the end of August, otherwise is not good for snorkeling and diving. Besides, tourists can also enjoy wonderful seafood and do an exciting “eco-tour” hiking across the islands, combined with visits to fish villages and overnight stays in the middle of the forest.

If you have a plan to spend a few days here, avoid to go at weekends and public holidays when the beach is full of local people. During the week the beaches are almost deserted, making it feel like your very own private hideaway.


An Bang Beach




It takes only 15 minutes by motorbike from Hoi An and very easy to find.

An Bang is one of the few remaining stretches of beach that remains mostly unspoilt by development, offering clean blue sea, castaway restaurants and bohemian beach bars.





Cua Dai Beach


Far away 4km from the centre of Hoi An Town – Quang Nam Province, Cua Dai Beach is always listed as one of top beaches of Vietnam by its beauty. With the soft white sand, crystal-clear yet deep blue water, crispy sunshine, cool salty breeze, slightly sloped sea floor and the gentle waves, this is a famous destination of tourists. However, the beach still remains rather unspoiled and undisturbed by the mass tourism. What is more, you can relax on the deckchair under the shade of many green palm trees along the coast. It is enough to recharge your battery from the hard-working days.

It’s easy to find, from Hoi An city, you can get there by taxi or even by bike. Don’t forget to check the weather condition before planing to activities on beach.



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