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Hanoi is home of several lakes that tourists should not miss when visiting here. Among several lakes, Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake are the most famous for tourists, are one of most unique features of this bustling capital. Beside, have you heard Thien Quang Lake, and Truc Bach Lake? Those places are beautiful sightseeing in which you not only feel relaxing, but more knowledgeable about Vietnamese history.

Hoan Kiem Lake – Lake of the Restored Sword


It is a small lake, with its banks turned into a lovely park. The name is origined from an ancient legend under the Le Dynasty: the emperor Le Loi returned a magic sword to the Golden Turtle God who resided in the lake. Today, the lake holds a small pagoda in its centre known as Turtle Tower (or Thap Rua) in honour of the sword’s return.


In a bustling city like Hanoi, Hoan Kiem lake is a peaceful place to walk around, even when you are there on a dull day. From here, visitors can cross a bright red wooden bridge, called The Huc bridge and reach the Jade Mountain Temple (or Ngoc Son Temple).




Truc Bach Lake


This lake which is located northwest of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, is known outside Vietnam as the place where future United States politician John McCain landed during the Vietnam War after being shot down.

Trúc Bạch Lake was separated from the West Lake by the construction of a narrow dike for the purpose of raising fish. Nowadays, this lake is dotted with historically significant sites. Vien Truc Lam palace, Chau Long pagoda, An Tri temple are nearby.



West Lake

west lake


It’s largest freshwater lake which owns many of the city’s historic places of interest, including Tran Quoc – Vietnam’s oldest pagoda and Quan Thanh – one of Vietnam’s four sacred temples. there are a host of stunning architectural gems surrounding this spot in addition to one or two entertainment venues and a smattering of high-end hotels.

Here, there are boats for hire and lunch on a floating restaurant makes a novel dining option.

Come to West lake, you can walk, run around or go by boat on lake to relax, enjoy the fresh atmosphere inside a bustling city.





Thien Quang Lake

thien quang


Not far from West Lake, Thien Quang, which means “Buddha’s Light”, was named for a village. Under the French it was named after “Rue Halais”, known as “Halair Lake” and “Halais Lake”. Thien Quang today occupies a relatively quiet area, surrounded by a park with walking trails. Visitors might see young boys fishing with bamboo poles along the lake’s edge.

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