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Each region, each different beauty in Vietnam. Being one of provinces of northern with the most fantastic mountain sceneries, Ha Giang is a popular destination of tourists in recent years. The attendance of Vietnamese tourists gradually increasing, but also some foreign tourists are coming here.

With the majority of population is ethnic minorities, Ha Giang still remains own values of culture and lifestyles beside of its economic development. Coming to Ha Giang, tourists would be admired picturesque landscapes, popular destinations (Dong Van Rock Plateau, Sapa, Lung Cu, Meo Vac, Ban Gioc Waterfall, etc.) and taken part in traditional festivals.

Departure from Ha Noi, have you wondered how to get there and around in Ha Giang? We’ll give some suggestions:


Like any other Northern highlands of Vietnam, it can say that the temperature in Ha Giang is mild during the summer and extremely cold in the winter which ones may see snow. Each season has each beauty in Ha Giang. Visitors can get there around the year. However, be careful when travelling in raining season from June to August because of its slippery walking.

Getting There And Away

Because Ha Giang is a mountainous province with poor infrastructure, it’s quite difficult to get there. The only way to reach Ha Giang is by car or motorbike. Normally, it takes about 7 hours to drive from Ha Noi to the district capital of Ha Giang.

1.Hire a car with a driver and a guide or Get a taxi from Hanoi. These ways are quite expensive (~$250 per day)

2.Take a comfortable coach from Hanoi to Ha Giang

You can go to some coach stations in Ha Noi: Giap Bat, Gia Lam, My Dinh, Luong Yen or Ha Dong to get a local coach with low fair, from VND 100.000 (~$5) for one way ticket.

There are morning and evening (sleeping) departures, managed by private operators like Hưng Thành, Hải Vân, etc., tourists can ask reception at your hotel or from local people to get tickets depending schedules and destinations.

After taking a bus up to Ha Giang, you can hire bikes to stroll around and to stop at popular destinations.



-Travelling up during the day and spending the night in Ha Giang before heading off to do whatever you want to do in the region the next morning. You can then travel back overnight.

-Sapa is more beautiful in September and early October, do not come later October.

-It’s best to book ticket bus at least a few hours or a day in advance to have a comfortable seating.

-For foreign tourists, it’s very difficult to have an independent travelling by motorbike. Therefore, bus and private car are highly recommendations of transport.

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