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Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam, and also its second largest city, is a fascinating blend of West and East, combining classic and modern motifs. It is largely unscathed of the war, now is going through a building boom, making it developed quickly in Southeast Asia.

In the excursion to Hanoi, Hanoi Old Quarter is often the first destination and a must-go place that tourists definitely should not be missed by any means.

Located in a crowded city in the middle of Hanoi, Hanoi Old Quarter with its ancient style and narrow streets, but full of motorbikes, food street vendors and shop, has an attractive beauty inside the dynamic atmosphere of the modern city. Hanoi Old Quarter is famous with 36 small streets – a bustling area where merchants and artisans gathered to sell their products, each street bears the name of goods that was specifically traded such as Hang Ma (Paper Product), Hang Bac (Silver Product), etc.


It might be a nervous experience for the first visiting of tourists


From here, you don’t have to get too far away to the main center. No have much what to see but still a lot of must-do things here. The Old Quarter hosts also the night market which is fantastic for exploring and picking up treasures and finding some delicious street food. On the street vendors, you can enjoy an egg coffee, walk around the flower markets, and sit down and try to listen some people bargaining in a shop. It makes this Old Quarter more romantic atmosphere in which is an ideal area of poets.

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In spite of busy and bustling town, the Old Quarter is still a great must-see place to get out, walk around and chat to the locals, you get the chance to sit down a little and enjoy local cuisine with the locals on the street. If there will be a second trip to Hanoi, you may feel more familiar with this place.

Enjoy your trip!

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