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Bun cha or Kebab rice noodles is one of specialty in Hanoi. It is a Vietnamese dish made from traditional ingredients : grilled pork and noodle.

Kebab rice noodles often has 2 kinds of kebabs, they are ball-kebab and piece-kebab. The ball-kebab is made of pork which is well minced then it would be kneaded into ball shape. The pork is scented with some traditional ingredients to make up the good taste.




With simple recipe and ingredients to make but it can present  the chef’s experiences and secrets. Bun cha is served with grilled fatty pork (chả) over a plate of white rice noodle (bún) and herbs with a side dish of dipping sauce. Bún chả is popular in the Northern region of Vietnam. In the South, a similar dish of rice vermicelli and grilled meat is called bún thịt nướng. However, the sauce of Bun cha is an important part of this dish which is make it differs from others kebab rice noodles.

In Hanoi, tourists can go to these places to enjoy the original “Bun Cha”:

Bun Cha Huong Lien (24 Le Van Huu, Hanoi, Vietnam)


That’s a delicious bun cha with seafood spring rolls and Hanoi beer all for 80,000 dong ($4). This place occured the Pres. Obama’s visit.

Bun Cha Dac Kim (1 Hang Manh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi)


Bun cha Dac Kim serves generous portions of grilled pork, meat balls, rice vermicelli and fresh herbs with a bowl of dipping sauce – all at a cost of 60000 VND. You also can order a portion of Nem Cua (deep fried spring rolls) which is also rather generous with rice vermicelli, fresh herbs and dipping sauce and cost 65000 VND. Despite the less than comfortable environment, the food may make you very tasty and filling.

Bun Cha Ta ( 21 Nguyen H­uu Huan street)



Here, you would be impressed by its flavour, the meat inside is so tender and sapid. This place is the best choice if you want to have street food in comfortable chairs.

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