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Dalat is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations of Vietnam. If tourists have just fallen in love with Dalat by many places designed by French architects, the warm temperatures during the day and quite cool at night and wonderful landscapes that make you really feel like be in French, you should not miss 6 of many sites here.

1. Van Thanh Flower Village  which is about 3km from the city’s center, is known as the largest flower village in Dalat. Coming to Dalat, you will know why Dalat is well – known for their flowers. Among 3 of famous flower villages in Da Lat, Van Thanh Flower Village is still the main source of flower supply for Da Lat, especially roses. The village has dozens of species of roses.




2. Coffee Plantation

Dalat and the highlands of Vietnam are home of many coffee varieties. Stop at the coffee planation, you will be introduced and explained the different types of coffee bean trees and then show you where to keep the Civet’s they use to make Kopi Luwak (civet poo coffee). This is the most expensive coffee in Vietnam.




3. Linh An Pagoda makes visitors interested because of its location and modern architecture. The most imposing place of this pagoda is its sanctum, roof is covered with red tiles. In front of the sanctum, there is a statue of Di Lac Buddhist. Visitors, who come here overnight, may hear the sound of water falling, the sound of the bell and the sound of Langbiang Mountain which can help people feel relaxed.


linh an

4. Elephant Waterfalls

In spite of not the tallest or the biggest waterfall, it’s beautiful and majestic. The water is brown but it makes it different than other waterfalls. Visitors can get there by motorbike, take proper shoes and swimwear as you can get wet there. From the bottom of the waterfall, you can take nice photos.



5. Crazy House (Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery)

This place is known as the “Crazy House” because of its bizarre concept and tree-like shape, With a little over a dozen rooms, each with its own unique theme, here you’ll find tunnels, ladders, concrete kangaroos; tigers and bears. If you are lucky, you might have the chance to chat with the designer Dr. Dang Viet Nga as she is usually present there.



6. Old Railway Station has been recognized as a national cultural site and is very much a symbol of French Indochina. Today this railway is served for short tour that circumnavigates Dalat, the views from the train will help give you a sense of what the engineers achieved. It’s a classic and small railway station in art deco style.




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