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Dalat is one of the most well-known destinations of both domestic and foreign tourists. In many years, Dalat always presents in Vietnam tourism map as one of the “must-come” names. Coming to Dalat, tourists not only have a chance to go around roads covered by trees or flower fields, but also visit peaceful villages in poetic city. Considered as a “little Paris of Vietnam”, but villages in Dalat is not much stunning, but generous and rural.

1.Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan 1


Cu Lan is a small lovely village under the foot of Langbiang mountain, about 20km from Xuan Huong lake. This beautiful village and the hospitality of locals are attractive points for tourists. The whole view creates a wonderful green paradise.

This village was established in 1960s, is the base of K’Ho people – an ethnic minority of Vietnam and named after an animal like a bear (or culi) lived near the village.

cu lan 3

Since 2011, the village was developped and invested into a tourism and became a great attraction.

cu lan 5

Entering the village, tourists will feel the peaceful, pure and simple beauty of a rural village. You may totally forget the tiredness and loosing with nature, green forest, colorful flower gardens, etc. The combination among of wild nature, poetic landscapes and exciting daily life from local people will blow your mind away and take your breath.



2.Binh An Village


Located in the heart of Tuyen Lam Lake, Binh An Village is a peaceful resort with a beauty of wild nature. Like its name, you will find a view of French which is an ideal stop station of many tourists. What is more, Binh An Village is an oasis of gardens filled flower and natural surrounding enchanting landscapes.

lang binh an

lang binh an 3


3.Lat Village (Chicken Village)


Lat Village (pronounced ‘lak’) is less than 1km from the base of Lang Biang Mountain. You will reach the concrete chicken statue when you’ve arrived here. There are a few different legends about the chicken but you would not know about why and how the giant chicken got there. Only five hamlets are actually in Lat Village where you can get an eye-opening look into the simple life of ordinary Vietnamese people who lead a very basic lifestyle with simple housing, a small school, plantations and farms. Visitors could see how to make crafts and handmade products like blankets, cotton goods and local rice wine from the local people.




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