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Being an essential part of modern period, cell phone plays an important role of people’s life and even of travelling. Nowadays, cell phone is the ideal resource for all of callings and searching any information on smart phones. Every country has their own systems. As travelling and staying in any country for long days, travellers can have a free internal calling from the hotel or hostel. However, it’s necessary to have a cell phone and to understand how to use them.

For your staying in Vietnam, this article would provide you some basic information of callings.

1.What types of cell phone can be used in Vietnam?

With your phone (locked, unlocked phones, or even a new one), you have easily the ability to use in our country. However, these are things that you should pay attention:

For a locked phone, make sure you understand the terms for international roaming. In Vietnam, there are not much believable mobile phone shops. Some have the ability to unlock your phone, but quite expensive.

For an unlocked phone or a new one, it’s easier to purchase a SIM card and have a local number.

2.Getting a SIM card


It’s extremely easy to get SIM Cards at stalls, stores, mini-shops in and around the airport or even on streets of the country. At your hotel or hostel, the staff will show you the nearby telecommunication stores. Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone networks which are the three well-known brands, offer great coverage throughout the country.

Beside of getting directly one at shops, travellers can also check out and have an order this service through simcardasia.com. For Vietnam, the SIM Card that they provide to is on the Viettel network. You will have a payment at their Paypal Checkout.

3.Set up 3G


Most of buildings, shops and some public areas set up wifi in Vietnam. However, having 3G service can be extremely beneficial to move around. Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, etc. works very well through 3G in the cities. Fortunately, the three top mobile companies also provide this service with lots of limited fees.

4.Understand the usage rules

mang dt o vietnam

There are a few different rules between the companies about national and international calls, test messages. The exact details can be found on their own websites (mostly in Vietnamese) or you can get the advice of sellers.

Among the top companies, Vinaphone is highly appreciated for the cheapest fee of services, being suitable for customers’ needs.

5.How to top up and check data balance?

After purchasing a card of any companies, it will reveal a code included 12 digit activation card as you are scratching it. Then, enter [*100*code#] and “Send” to top up. You will receive a message to inform your topping up.


In order to check your data balance, dial [*101#] and you will get an information from the system.

check balance

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