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Balloons over Bagan

The Bagan ancient city was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom for a long time. Although there are thousands of old pagodas and temples, Bagan is more attractive with other interesting landscapes. These are recommendations of 4 things that you must do during the trip to Bagan.

1.Visit pagodas and temples

Lies in the Central of Myanmar, Bagan is home to thousands of stunning pagodas and temples. Hence, visiting popular temples is truly necessary at the first sight in your trip. There a lot of beautiful ones, it’s hard to decide worthy sites of a visit. Their beauty depends on visitors’ feeling. Here are the most popular pagodas and temples not to be missed by any tourists: Ananda Phaya – the most well – reserved temple, Shwezigon Pagoda – one of huge gold plated pagodas, Dhammayangyi Temple. There are a number of pagodas waiting for your discovering.

Shwezigon Pagoda is plated with gold
Shwezigon Pagoda is plated with gold
Ananda Temple
Dhammayangyi Temple
Dhammayangyi Temple

2.Get a panoramic view from Balloons over Bagan

Balloons are unique transports for visitors to get a panoramic view over Bagan and in the tours of Myanmar. You would be immersed by a wide scene over ancient temples in Bagan. It will be a fabulous experience not to be missed. The best time to get it is at sunrise or sunset as Bagan has its own beauty.

Balloons over Bagan
Balloons over Bagan
Visitors are excited on Balloons over the ancient Bagan
Visitors are excited on Balloons over the ancient Bagan


3.Get local transports

One of things you must do in Bagan is that you get local transports. That is riding horses which is considered as the most favorite travelling of tourists. The drivers will slowly lead you to landscapes, admire a stunning view and hear stories of legend. Don’t forget to bargain with drivers for the riding horses.

Du lịch Myanmar bằng xe ngựa

dao quanh Bagan bang xe ngua

Besides, you can hire a bicycle or E-bike to ride along Bagan’s dirt roads, explore the magnificent temples and ruins by yourself. Book Bagan E-Bike Half Day  on vinaday.com or vinaday.vn to get the most reasonable price of 20-25% off. Follow the guide, you will visit some of the less popular temples scattered around the countryside and get to know more about Burmese culture and history.

9D9C7 - Bagan E-Bike Half Day

Travelling around Bagan by E-bike
Travelling around Bagan by E-bike

4.Enjoy the Burmese foods in Bagan

Foods in Bagan are cheaper than other city and more favorite by tourists. Visitors should try once as visiting to Myanmar and Bagan: Tea leaf salad, Burmese curry dishes, tea and beer.

Tea leaf Salad
Tea leaf Salad
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